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What Can We Do to Help Your Business?

Vircity is a back-office resource center, providing cost-effective solutions to entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations looking for assistance and guidance in establishing and growing their business.

Most entrepreneurs start at their kitchen table and grow into renting an office – Vircity represents that middle ground where a business has access to the services of a fully-staffed office without the associated overhead costs.

From Administrative to Event Planning, Graphic Design to Printing, Bookkeeping to Mailbox Support and Shipping – we have your answer!

Have You Heard About Our Package Receipt Program?

Receiving packages from USPS, FedEx or UPS can be challenging when living in the city.  If you’ve ever had a package go missing – we understand!  That’s why Vircity offers residents the option to ship packages directly to us and pay a handling fee when picking them up.   Sign Up for FREE!